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Popcorn sales is the primary fundraiser for Pack 405. We encourage every Scout to sell as much as possible...don't forget your friends, co-workers, parents, grandparents, neighbors. Popcorn sales fundraising enables the Pack to sponsor activities and fund events throughout the program year without having to do a lot of miscellaneous fundraisers. The idea is to have this main fundraiser in the Fall to support our entire year of Scouting. This is an officially approved Atlanta Area Council unit money-earning project. We sell Popcorn in the Fall and reap the benefits for the rest of the year.

All scouts need to get a Trails-End login and use the app for sales and take orders.

2019 Popcorn Packet:

Camp Cards!!!

Front of Card

Camp Cards are a great way for Scouts to earn money to fund their way to camp. Camp Cards are essentially discount cards for local businesses.

The sale begins in February and ends in April.

Back of Card

The cards practically sell themselves with discounts more than $5. There is no risk because you only pay for what you sell. You can return any cards that are UNBROKEN back to the unit.

Each card is worth $5 and the scout gets 50% COMMISSION for every card sold.

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